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Open Gardens

OPEN GARDENS - various locations


8.30AM - 4.30PM

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Calling all plant whisperers and nature enthusiasts


Road trip alert! Cruise through these botanical wonders at your own pace. It's a paradise of lush landscapes and vibrant blooms – Mother Nature's catwalk, if you will!


But hold on to your gardening gloves, folks! It's not just about looks. Chat it up with passionate gardeners, unveiling their secret stories of growing greens and petals.


Explore our Open Gardens:
From 6th and 7th of September 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, here's where you can immerse yourself in the floral wonder:

  • 27 Ambrose Street, Laidley

  • 1 Drayton Street, corner of Pioneer Street, Laidley

  • Wayval Views, 77 Blenheim Rd, Blenheim

  • 8 Hedges Court, Laidley Heights

  • 39 Meadows Road, Withcott

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