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Gatton Lapidary Club

At the Laidley Spring Festival the club displays and sells the work of its members and displays information about local rocks and fossils.

Gatton Lapidary Club is a group of people in the Lockyer Valley who cut and polish stones and collect specimens of rock, minerals and fossils. It has been in existence since 1969 and operates from a clubroom under the Gatton Shire Hall in North St, Gatton.

How are stones polished?
method 1:

Stones are ground to shape on a series of wheels coated with diamonds, each one finer than the one before. The stone may be held in the hand or fixed to a stick by wax. After the stone has been ground smooth it is polished on a felt wheel using a polishing agent. 

method 2:


Stones may be put in to a tumbler and rolled around for about a month to be made smooth and shiny.


The Spring Gem Show is an exhibit of Lockyer Valley treasure! Enjoy the educational displays, storyboards about the Lockyer Valley rock formations, plus locally made jewellery and polished stones. This year, visit their Facebook page for more information on what they offer year round.

Want to join the club?

Contact the Gatton Lapidary Club via email


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