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Floral Art competition-adult
Terms and conditions

Laidley Garden Club Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for injury or damage to the person or property of any owner.

The entry form will be taken as guarantee that all entries are free from pest and disease.

The Laidley Garden Club Inc. committee will have the power to remove any exhibit they deem as unfit, or has pests and or disease.

Judges’ decision will be final.

Only judges and stewards allowed in the judging area while judging is in progress.

There is NO entry fee for any exhibit.


Entries to be in place and ready for judging by 4.00pm on the 07/09/2023.


Floral Art Competition. This is a open competition to all

  1. All exhibits to be completed prior to arriving at venue.

  2. Floral Basket can be any shape restricted to 60cm X 60cm (2ft X2ft)

  3. Table setting restricted to 50cm (20 inches) diameter

  4. Optional stand to maximum height of 40cm (16inches) to be supplied by exhibitor for floral basket

  5. Exhibits to consist of fresh flowers with an emphasis on “Spring Bling”

Pick up of entries after 4.00pm on the 09/09/2023


NO restriction on the number of entries per person.


Grand Champion (ribbon/rosette and $100 prize money Card)

Table Setting: 

First Prize $50.00 & prize card

Second Prize $30.00 & prize card

Third Prize $20.00 & prize card


Floral Basket: 

First Prize $50.00 & prize card

Second Prize $30.00 & prize card

Third Prize $20.00 & prize card

All people exhibiting entries will be required to lodge their name address and phone number with LGC inc. This will include permission to publicize the winner’s name in the local papers. This information will be kept for insurance purposes. Each entry will be given a unique number. Winners will have their name only on the winning card.

All winners will be publicised in the local papers

All correspondence either  Eileen:  or Cec:

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